Maartje (maartje) wrote in polyglots,

Lovey-Dovey in 11 languages (now with added Dutch!)

Only the French can get away with calling their lovers their little flea and get away with it. This and other weird nicknames lovers have for each other are found in How to Speak Fluent Lovey Dovey in 11 Languages in 24 Hours. I will add some weird Dutch nicknames:

-"Little poo" (poepie)

-"Little fart" (scheetje): I don't know why but apparently the Dutch are scatologically obsessed. Freud would love this.

-"Love-chop/-bolt (?)" (schattebout): 'bout' is usually a piece of meat from the leg above the knee or a bolt (you know, one that goes with a nut). 'Bouten' is an informal word that can be translated as 'to shit'. A strijkbout is a laundry iron, a soldeerbout is a soldering iron.

-"Heart-thief" (hartedief): someone who likes to engage in the stealing of donor organs for fun and profit, perhaps?

-"Little piece of licorice" (droppie): the national candy obsession.

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