kelly_in_taiwan (kelly_in_taiwan) wrote in polyglots,

Hi All!

I just came across this community so I thought I'd say 'Hi'. :)

My name's Kelly, I'm 25 and originally from Gibraltar so I've had a more or less bilingual upbringing (English and Spanish). I'm fascinated by languages and various aspects of linguistics and am constantly trying to learn phrases in new languages.

The only languages I can claim so form of basic understanding or fluency in are English, Spanish, French (intermediate), Mandarin (intermediate-advanced) and Dutch (beginner). I studied French at school many years ago and have recently tried to brush up on it through self-study. I studied Mandarin at university for four years and am currently a freelance Chinese>English translator in Taiwan. As for Dutch, my partner is Dutch and I am hoping to move to the Netherlands later this year so I'm aiming for at least basic fluency before I get there. This has been a little hard so far as I'm not exposed to Dutch on a daily basis other than through my self-study and listening to Dutch online radio.

There are many other languages I have an interest in, some of which I hope to study in coming years. These include Tibetan, Hebrew, Basque, Romanian, Korean and possibly Turkish. Swahili, Japanese and Rapanui have also caught my attention lately. I'm not sure I will ever be able to study all of these, at least not to an advanced level, but I can always try, eh? ;)

Anyway, that's about all from me for now. Hope to get to know some of you other aspiring polyglots better. :)
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