biting_bitch (biting_bitch) wrote in polyglots,

hi :)

I'm new here so I think I'd better introduce myself :)

My name is Lene and I'm a 21 year old girl from Denmark :) This means that my first language is Danish and my second is English. I'd love to teach other people Danish :D I know it's a pretty unknown language as many English-speaking people think that we speak Dutch in Denmark.. but I am sure there are people out there who'd like to learn my language...
I tried to teach Danish to some Asian and American people a while ago and I honestly think it went ok :)

I have a list of languages I'd like to learn before I die:

latin, german, gaelic, greenlandic, japanese, arabic, chinese, russian.... well... this is just a part of the list.. I think it'd be cool to know a few languages really well and then know a little of all the rest.. LOL..
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