Leia/Eileen/Faith (eileengallia) wrote in polyglots,


So I see that this community is rather quiet... but I like it and have joined anyways. I'm am a native English speaker, taking the first baby steps in learning Dutch. I started with just a few words from a close Dutch friend, but now I'm also using http://www.lesexpres.nl/dutch along with reinforcement from my Dutch friend. After Dutch I wish to learn Scotch Gaelic and Irish, but one language at a time. I have a two year old daughter who is pickup up on the language as I repeat it often through the day to work on my pronunciation. I've been working for a bit less than a year, and am glad that my 'g' is finally starting to sound right. Now on to 'r'....

Anyways, that's my intro thing. Doei!
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